Working on a Little Rental House

Jake, Martin and I went in on this house and the three of us started working on it this weekend. Of course Jake put up more money than either of us, but I am going to fix the roof and do some other stuff. Martin is going to re do the bathrooms and the kitchen. We figure that it will take about five weeks to do all of the work, mostly because we are going to have to make time for it. Already found a Los Angeles shutters place to replace some of the trim on the house. I am not sure what the previous owner was trying to do, but some person took the shutters down and messed around with them. It was not as though they could not have been saved, but it just was not worth the time and trouble to try. The big thing is you would have wasted a lot of effort on the task and in the end it would have still had a poor appearance.

The idea of this job is to make it so that we can quickly get this house ready for renting out. So what we do is not going to be overly fancy. We figure that a renter is not going to be sweating the details of the house, but instead will be thinking about the bottom line. When I rented about ten years ago I though about a very small number of things. First of all it had to be affordable and it had to provide the basic needs. If I could do all of the simple things comfortably, then that was enough for me. The other thing was that I was looking for a location that was convenient to the job that I had right at that moment.

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