The Best Landscaping Work Around

I was tired of being the laughingstock of the neighborhood because my lawn looked terrible. The previous owner of the house neglected the yard and there wasn’t much I could do to revive it. Whenever neighbors walked by they would give our yard a dirty look, it’s so embarrassing. I finally gave in and decided to get in touch with barrington landscape design. They were very nice over the phone and said that it would be no problem bringing my yard back to a presentable level.

I was skeptical at first because I thought that there would be no way that this yard could ever look decent again. But the guy from barrington landscape design put my mind at ease. He said that he has seen lawns like this dozens of times and that it’s not impossible to fix them. I let him get to work and didn’t bother him. After a few days I was amazed at the progress that he was making. My grass was no longer spotty and brown. It was starting to look green and really healthy. He trimmed the hedges and tended to all the plants and they were looking amazing! After the job was done I thanked him profusely and he simply said that he did his job and that it was nothing. I’m not very good at home maintenance so I asked him for some tips on how to maintain the yard so that it would never get to the condition that it got in when we moved in. He gave me some very basic tips and told me that I should tend to the yard on a weekly basis. I’m so glad that I got in contact with them and I tell everyone I know that if they ever need yard work done, they should call them as well.

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