Shutters That Transformed Our House

When my husband and I were first married, we could not afford to do much with our small apartment. As our incomes got better, we were able to do a bit more, but having three kids within three years meant that money was still pretty tight until they all left the nest. When that happened, my husband and I suddenly found ourselves with disposable income for the first time. He asked me what I wanted, and I blurted out that I have always wanted plantation shutters. Well, he didn’t even really understand that, so I went online and showed him a few pictures of houses that have them.

He really liked how they looked, more than what I was expecting actually! He didn’t even balk at the price, which was something else that I was happy about. I knew how much they typically cost, so I was expecting him to be a bit shocked. He explained that after looking at them and knowing what I had told him about their longevity, that they are definitely worth the price. What made this an even better experience for the two of us though was finding a company that sells them for less money than either of us expected.

Orange County Shutters sells premium shutters that their customers are able to customize to their own liking. They cut out the middle man, doing all of the work themselves, which is why they are able to lower the price. When I saw how low the price was after taking advantage of a current promotion they were running, we agreed that it was just too good to pass up. The kids still tease us about them because we could not get them until they all left. I’d take my kids back in a heartbeat, but I have to admit that the shutters come in a very close second most days!

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