Professional Installation for Plantation Shutters

I am remodeling my house right now, and I have done a lot of the work myself. I have done what I was capable of, in any case. I have put a new tile floor into my basement, and that took a lot of man hours to complete. It looks pretty good though. One thing that I would like to investigate, as an option for my house, is plantation shutters. I would not want to attempt to do anything like this on my own, as I am not very good with wood. I tend to stay away from anything that involves working with wood.

As such, I would like to find a company that offers professional installation for shutters. It would be nice if the service was offered for free. I do not know how much it costs to have shutters installed. But I was looking at one site, and it said that the pricing was by per square foot, as opposed to the number of windows. That did not make a lot of sense to me, but I guess it would save you money, if you had a lot of windows per room. I guess there is some reasoning behind it, but I can’t say that I understand what that reasoning might be.

I would like to get different styles of shutters in different rooms of the house. I think it would be rather bland, and boring, if I were to choose the same options for every room in the house. There are also some concerns with matching the colors of the shutters, with the colors present in different parts of my house. I have recently finished painting the interior of my house, and I have changed the colors present in most rooms of the house. I think it definitely looks better.

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