My Entire Bathroom Was Renovated

While there was functionally nothing wrong with my bathroom, I just did not like it. My house was built in the 1950s, and the bathroom absolutely reflected that era. The sink had been replaced about a decade ago, and the toilet has been updated as well, but overall, nothing had changed. When I got a bonus at work, I knew that I was going to look into bathroom remodeling in Arlington Heights. I had been wanting my entire bathroom updated rather than just a piece here and there. I was not talking just the fixtures either.

I did not want a bathtub anymore, nor did I want the same kind of walls. I kind of knew what I wanted, but I knew I would know more once I looked at some suggestions on some websites. I found a local company that does remodeling, and I looked at quite a few of their before and after pictures. Not only was I seriously impressed with the changes, but it also gave me some ideas on what I wanted for my own bathroom. My tub was on one end, and the toilet was right next to it. There was very little storage space as well.

I wanted all of that changed. I called the company and they came out so they could look at my bathroom and give me a quote on what I wanted done. Everything I wanted was able to be done, and the quote was extremely reasonable, especially since I just happened to call when they were having a special! Now, I have a shower instead of a tub, and granite tile on the walls instead of an unflattering paint job. My toilet is actually on the other end of the bathroom now, and there is a very deep closet right next to the shower. I could not be happier with how it looks!

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