My Adventure of Basement Waterproofing in Toronto

I was in the basement and saw that a couple of boxes that were stacked up along the wall were wet. They were soaked actually. I pulled them away from the wall and they fell apart. I had a mess. The cardboard was soaked and so was the contents. Water was coming out from a mortar joint in the concrete block wall. I picked at a loose piece of mortar and it popped out. Then water just poured out of the hole. I called a place that does waterproofing in toronto to come and fix the problem.

The piece of mortar that popped loose was right at the corner where two blocks met. It was big enough for me to fit my finger in the hole. I actually plugged the hole with my finger for a minute while I was figuring out what to do. It reminded me of that story of the little boy who used his finger to stop the water in that children’s story. I yelled for my wife or one of the kids to come and help me, but no one else was home. I had to just let it go and go call the place that does waterproofing in Toronto.

The water puddled as it hit the floor, then it flowed across the concrete floor to the floor drain. I just lifted the cover off of the drain so the water could easily go down. It ran nonstop for hours. The waterproofing company told me that water had gotten into the spaces inside the concrete blocks. They said they see it all of the time, and that they could fix it so the basement would be dry again. They did exactly what they said they would. After the repairs were completed, we never had a problem again with a leaky basement.

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