Improving an Older House with Shutters

I have been the owner of my parents’ former house for a few years now, ever since my mother passed away. She outlived my father by over a decade, and now I am the owner of the house. I have been trying to decide what to do with it, and I have finally decided to sell it. I want to fix it up, and do a number of things to improve the property, so that it will sell for more money. I think that I am going to put some plantation shutters on the windows, put a new roof on the house, and make some other changes to the house.

I consider it to be a bit of a restoration project, due to the fact that it is an older house. I am not sure on the date that it was built, but I know that it is close to fifty years old. It used to be a rather handsome house, but it has not been taken care of very well in recent years. Of course, part of that is my fault. Anyway, I was thinking that shutters would be nice for the house, because they would help to give it a bit of a vintage quality to it. I can really see them working out well in the house.

I am worried about how much it is going to cost to put a new roof on the house. But it is not something that I can afford to skip. The roof is in bad shape, and it definitely needs to be replaced, before I will be able to sell the house on the real estate market. I hope to sell the house within the next year, and hopefully it will only take a few months for me to sell it.

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