I Wish These Robots Existed 50 Years Ago

I am getting up there in years. Last month, I turned 76 years old. I still feel young at heart and in my mind, but my body is getting tired. After being a housewife for 50 years, my body is simply tired of the amount of work it takes to keep our home clean on a regular basis. It was for this reason that my daughter suggested that I look at robot vacuum cleaner reviews with her and find a robot vacuum that would do most of the work for me.

To be honest, I did not even know these types of vacuums even existed. Things have really changed in the last decade or so. I was really hoping that buying one would really help to lessen the amount of work that I do. The machine I have now is very heavy for me to push around. My daughter said it feels just right to her, but when you get older, it is simply tougher to get things done.

We picked out a cleaner that looked to be a really good one, and my daughter helped me order it since I had never purchased anything on the Internet before. We even got a discount, which in turn meant that I could spend more money on having it shipped here more quickly because of the savings.

When my order showed up, I waited so that my daughter could come over and help me to put everything together. I am not very good with electronics, but it was surprising to see that there was very little needed for setting it up. You simply put the battery in and then you put the machine in a charger and let it charge for a couple of hours. When it was ready go, I switched it on and then sat on the couch to watch it work. The good news is that it works well, and the even better news is that I was able to sit on the couch and read the newspaper while my robot cleaned my floor for me.

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