Found a Little Place in Broward County

Jan and I were looking for a new place to live for some time and this better than we were expecting. She has a new job with the Broward County government and of course I can live almost any place without it mattering a lot. We have to find some company that provides a Pembrokes Pines home security plan with ADT monitoring. The house we got has a pretty nice little system on it and it does a lot of cool stuff, but of course it does not do a lot if you do not have some company to watch over it. The whole system is not worth a lot unless you have some people who can watch what is going on. For example we used to have an alarm system at work and it would go off quite a lot just because some guy did something that was not expected.

For example one time we went home early because it started to snow pretty hard. At any rate out UPS driver came and tried to open the door to the loading dock. Of course the burglar alarm works with two sensors that are supposed to close to one another. You have one on the door and another on the door frame beside it. So long as the door is shut those two sensors stay within a fraction of an inch away from one another. If you move the door even a little it sets the alarm off, it’s like a motion detector I guess. Of course in this case the door only moved a quarter of an inch before the driver realized it was latched, but that is enough to set off the alarm and so one of us had to go back to work to make it stop.

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